Sheryl I. Cymbaliuk

Partner, CPA CA

Partner, CPA CA

Who is your most favorite superhero and why?
Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. – love the witty one-liners and it would be pretty cool to be able to fly…

What was the best concert you ever attended?
Hmm…that’s tough as I am a big music fan – but I would have to say AC/DC – all 3 I’ve been to have been fabulous!

What’s your favorite movie?
Shawshank Redemption – main character goes through major adversity – but at the end good conquers evil.

Where’s your favorite place in the world?
So far…Jamaica! Everyone is so friendly and care free, and it is absolutely beautiful!

What’s your most favourite piece of clothing and why?
Silver jeans – dress them up or down – they are perfect for many occasions!

What are you passionate about?
Lots of things – family, friends, music, cars and travelling.